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To submit your art digitally for exhibitions, presentations and for promotional purposes, a good quility photo must be taken.  We use an advanced technique to light the artwork properly without glare.


There is a lot of information on the web providing how-to's on taking digital photographs of artwork.  Most suggested approaches with lighting setups will still result in photos with glare on any artwork with texture. The best low-cost approach is to take the photo outside on an overcast day.  However, this does not provide consistent results or present the artwork in the best possible way.


A point and shoot camera will capture the artwork for the purpose of keeping a record of of the art, but will not provide a good image for marketing or reproduction.


To get the best digital capture of artwork, a professional photographer should be hired.  We use a professional camera and light setup with filters on the lights and camera to cut the glare. We shoot in raw format and post process with photoshop to make sure the exposure and color represenatation is correct.


The image on the left is a basic snapshot, while the image on the right uses professional lighting, filters, camera, and processing to accuratley photograph the artwork. 


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